Our 2018 Gift Guide is here to help you select special gifts for each person in your life. We’ve got it covered!

Keep reading to see our suggestions for:

#1. The woman who (definitely) deserves pampering

#2. The Skincare Goddess

#3. The Teen in your life

#4. The person who works hard

#5. The person who loves lavender

#6. The person who secretly (or not so secretly) wants to pamper their feet

Happy Holidays!

#1: For the woman who definitely deserves pampering

Pampering your skin with botanical extracts is wonderful, and layering scented products is fantastic! Give the gift of scent this year. We love to break the seal on new body care products and see how they smell. If you know someone who loves to do this too, you’ll want to check out our top four suggestions below!

Luxurious hand lotion made with rose petals and calendula flowers, cuticle cream that delivers immediate results, and body polish that provides deep moisture to the skin make up the perfect gift.

Our gift boxes feature some of our most popular scented body products. All of our phthalate-free fragrances are composed of essential oils or plant-based fragrance oils.

Soulstice is our winter seasonal proprietary blend of essential oils. It’s a bright citrus scent with a hint of pine.

Lavender + Rosemary is our signature blend of pure lavender and rosemary essential oils. It’s a very light, slightly floral fragrance. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, or don’t enjoy the way heavier fragrances linger on your skin, this is the right choice for you.

Vanilla Cardamom is a warm, spicy, vanilla fragrance. It reminds us of sipping a comforting cup of warm chai. This fragrance is heavier than all of our other varieties. If you enjoy layered, complex fragrances that last, this is a great choice for you.

Pumpkin Spice Embrace the season with the warm and cozy scent of Pumpkin Spice! The natural fragrance of cinnamon and nutmeg will put you in the mood for cooler weather.

Scroll through the products below to see our suggestions for the woman who definitely deserves some pampering:

Bath + Body Gift Box
Hands + Nails Gift Box
Hydrating Lotion (6 scents to choose from!)
Cuticle Cream

#2: For the Skincare Goddess

For your friend who loves her nourish her skin. Plant-based extracts deliver powerful boosts of phytonutrients. Our formulas are 100% natural and completely luxurious. She’ll enjoy a successful skincare routine with botanical beauty products.

Start the day with our 3 step program.

Step 1: Our Refining Toner is best on just-washed skin
step 2: Apply Intense Hydration Moisturizer
Step 3: Finish with a spritz of Hydrating Facial Spray

Each formula highlights botanical extracts that support healthy skin.

The 3 formulas we highlight here are among our top selling products. Try them all and see the difference!

#3: For the Teen in your life

No question about it, teens are a tough crowd to shop for. They’re lovable, energetic, smart, awkward, and in search of a way to check out – all at the same time. And to mirror where they’re coming from, our gift list for them supports their need to fit in while standing out.

Here are 4 things that will make your teen appreciate you in a new way.

The Number One product for teens is Clarifying Toner, hands down! It addresses skin issues as they arise. Clarifying Toner is our most popular teen product.

Teens also love Arnica Cream, because it helps soothe sore muscles and bruising, two things that teens deal with as they play sports and on take new physical challenges.

Deodorant and Lavender Body Spray round out the list. Lavender Citrus Deodorant smells so good and works to absorb unwanted moisture. Lavender Body Spray is a great relaxation aid.

#4: For the person who works hard every day

You know who they are without having to think twice.
They work harder than anyone you know, and you appreciate all they do.
Tired muscles and dry hands carry them through the day – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Show them how much you care with these products that address their specific trouble spots.

Arnica Cream is the perfect gift for everyone who works hard and feel every movement in their muscles.

Ultra Soothing Wild Herb Balm is great for dry, working hands. Cracked fingers and dry skin are no match for the herbs and oils in this moisturizing balm.

#5: For the person who loves lavender

Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties, and we can all benefit from a lavender infusion at some point in our day.

Enjoy a layered effect of fragrant lavender with Lavender Spray, Hydrating Lotion, Lavender Cuticle Cream, and Lavender Body Polish.

All of our paraben- and phthalate-free Lavender products are made with pure lavender essential oil.

#6: For the person who secretly (or not so secretly) wants to pamper their feet

Our feet need a whole lot of hydration to stay happy. To keep them feeling less like sandpaper and more like the smooth, gorgeous dance-ready feet you want to enjoy, reach for our simple two part system.

Get smooth and soft feet overnight with deeply nourishing oils and softening flowers and herbs. 

Step 1: Start with our Overnight Foot Repair balm. Just a thin layer works to soften dry heels.

Step 2: Apply Moisturizing Foot Cream daily, made with rose petals and calendula flowers.

For a difference you can see and feel!

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