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Petal + Hive’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Statement

By : Jillian 0 Comments

To date, no one who has access to the Petal + Hive facility has shown signs of illness.

Petal + Hive will continue to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) when manufacturing all products. These practices include sanitizing all surfaces and equipment before use, including mixing equipment, beakers, weighing boats, utensils, and filling machine parts, using 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Effective immediately, we will change the protocol in place for packing online orders.

Gloves will be worn while handling anything that will go inside the box or package, including packing material, printed materials, and customer packing slips. I’ll continue to write thank you notes on the packing slips, using a dedicated sanitized pen I use only with gloves.

Each bottle and container will be wiped with isopropyl alcohol before it is packed.

The packing room and back office will be sanitized on a daily basis.

Your safety is a priority to me. If you have any questions, please ask!

– Jillian


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