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The story behind our Celebration Sale (From Tragedy to Triumph!)

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We’ve got something big to celebrate and we’re inviting you to celebrate with us!

Hi! It’s Jillian here. 2017 went from Tragedy to Triumph for me, and I’m celebrating by having a sale right here on our website. All products are 20% off until midnight on Monday, January 29. This includes Valentine Gift Boxes!

{Watch the video below to hear more about the story behind this Celebration Sale.}

Last year I suffered a brain injury that has had lasting, dramatic effects. Here’s the crazy thing – the changes have been good… really good. This is my story in a nutshell. 

A year ago, in January 2017, I was unloading my car after spending the day at the local farmers’ market with our table of Jillian’s Apothecary skin care products. As I was getting my heavy steel hand truck out of the car, it fell out and bounced up, hitting me square in the face. Right away my face started to swell and bruise, so I tended to it with ice packs and by applying some arnica, a fantastic herb for swelling, bruising, and pain. With the help of the arnica oil, my bruised face cleared up right away, and I appeared to be just fine after the unfortunate incident.

Inside my head, though, I was anything but fine. 

It was my first experience with a concussion or brain injury. I spent several weeks laying on the couch, sleeping and resting all day long. During this time, I realized that my left brain went quiet. Our left brain is where all the “helpful conversations” occur in our heads all day long. You know that voice that tells you when you did something wrong? Left Brain. How about the voice that says you’re not good enough and can’t possibly achieve your dreams? Left Brain. The voice that tells you to cheat on your diet? Yep, Left Brain.

All of those conversations were quiet for several weeks. It was like meditation on steroids. One of the purposes of meditation is to recognize the thoughts in our head that pretend to be helpful, but are actually critical, and tell those thoughts to be quiet so we can see things as they truly are. I saw everything as it truly was because I had absolutely no critical thoughts for weeks.

Here’s where the celebration comes in. 

As I recovered from my injury, I used my new way of thinking (my new way of not over-thinking, to be precise) to help me make some big changes. I was able to significantly cut down on wine and sugar because I wasn’t hearing those “helpful” voices telling me I deserved a glass of wine or a sweet little cookie. Let me tell you, cutting out that delicious glass of chardonnay at the end of the day was a huge feat for me, and I’m so proud of myself for doing it!

That’s not all. Not only have I revamped my health and wellness habits, I’ve become more focused, attentive, and present.

I learned that multitasking is a huge waste of time.

In the weeks after my accident, I could only hold one thought in my mind at a time. At first, holding a thought for more than a few seconds was a challenge. As I got better, I could focus on and take action on just one thing, and nothing else. I started to see that by not multi-tasking, I was actually more productive than I had been before the accident, when I would do several things at once. I would actually complete tasks, instead of having a dozen things in progress. And when you complete something, the sense of satisfaction feels wonderful. It gives you more energy to move to the next project on your list.

Now I try to live each day by practicing what I’ve learned. 

Rule 1: Listen to my body and fuel it well. Think twice before indulging in wine and cookies!

Rule 2: Get more done and feel more relaxed by doing only one thing at a time. No more multitasking!

Terrible accidents can have transformative results. I’m so thankful that I’m able to apply these new lessons to my life. I’m able to serve everyone in my life even better now.

Celebrate with me!

Shop now and take 20% off your entire order! Use coupon CELEBRATION2018 at checkout. Remember, all orders of $100+ receive free shipping!

XO, Jillian

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