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Your beauty favorites are now available fragrance free!

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Looking for a moisturizer or lotion that’s fragrance-free?

Here’s some great news to light up your day: your beauty favorites from Petal + Hive are now available without fragrance.

Why go fragrance-free?

Fragrance is used in skin care products for a few different reasons. Many of us love how it smells, and layering a light scent is a delight to our senses.

Fragrance has another purpose that we don’t think about often. It masks the smell of the raw ingredients. Even though we develop every Petal + Hive formula with natural oils and butters, they each have a distinct scent of their own.

Skin care without fragrance and essential oils is an excellent option for anyone with sensitive skin. If you–or someone you care about–is living with eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions, fragrances can make your skin feel even more itchy or painful. When you skip the fragrance, you eliminate one more possible trigger.

Here’s a second reason some people look for products without fragrance: Some of us are sensitive to the scent of fragrance. Do you ever feel sick when you catch a whiff of heavily scented hand cream? It’s not uncommon to feel physically ill or have an allergic reaction to some types of scent (Raising my hand here! Scent sensitivity is no joke).

Fragrance-free is hard to find

If you’ve looked for fragrance-free products in the past, you know how hard they are to find. Stroll down the aisle at Target or the drugstore, peruse your local shops in town, or head to the health food store, and you’ll have to look hard to find the few available quality fragrance-free formulas.

100% free of fragrance and essential oils (Now at Petal + Hive!)

Our Petal + Hive fragrance-free selection consists of hydrating facial moisturizer, plant-based hand lotion, refining toner, lip balm, and herbal creams, salves and balms.

These customer favorites are now available without fragrance and essential oils.

All of our products are formulated with organic plant-based ingredients. Local plants and flowers are incorporated into each batch, and act as powerhouse ingredients that make a difference in your skin care routine. Our innovative natural preservation system delivers high performance results in a 100% natural way.

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