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Petal + Hive creates clean, sustainable skincare.

Botanical extracts are added to every bottle, and our high standards prioritize quality and effectiveness. Our original formulas are clean and eco-friendly, and always luxurious.

The Petal + Hive retail shop and website has a variety of products for skincare, bath, body, and wellness. 


We love natural beauty

When your skin receives the nutrients it needs, your inner glow shines through. 

All it takes is sun-kissed goodness in the form of botanical extracts, vitamins, cold-pressed oils, hydrating butters, and emollient plant-based ingredients. Add those to your routine, and you’ll love the skin you’re in!


Quality and Sustainability go hand in hand

Beauty industry standards are changing, and you no longer need to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Eco-friendly, luxurious skincare can be a way of life, and we’re happy to help you go green with style.

Plant-based, sophisticated formulas that benefit both you and the environment are completely attainable. We know because we create them!

Our products are enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that come straight from the source, so you can support your skin while minimizing your impact on the environment.


Trust is key

The way we care for our skin is connected to how we pay attention to our health, wellness, and the world around us.

You need to trust that the products you use are safe and non-toxic, created from renewable resources, not tested on animals, and are made with an eco-friendly lifestyle in mind.

We’re proud that our formulas contain organic oils and herbs, as well as raw ingredients that are produced with respect for green chemistry, biodiversity in the natural world, and water conservation. Certifying organizations we trust are Ecocert, COSMOS, and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). And we double check the Whole Foods clean standards list for compliance every time we add a new ingredient.

We're proud to be offering a refill program at our retail shop on select products. You bring back your clean containers, and we'll refill for a discount. That's just one of the ways we're watching our impact on the environment. 


How can we help you?


I'm Jillian Ehrenberg, a cosmetic chemist specializing in clean beauty. I’ve blended my professional training as a skincare formulator with my training as an herbalist to make Petal + Hive a trusted natural skincare brand.

Every Petal + Hive brand product on our shelves is an original formula created by our in-house team.

Our standards prioritize quality, effectiveness, and safety. You can look forward to eco-friendly, herb-infused formulas with a luxury feel to help you look and feel your best. 

My home base is the beautiful Saratoga Springs area, looking out onto the Adirondack Mountains. I share my home with my science-minded husband Jeff, who has been a pivotal member of the Petal + Hive team from the start, and our children.