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Sonrei Clearly Zinq Tinted Mineral Gel Sunscreen SPF 45



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Sonrei Clearly Zinq Tinted Sunscreen is a premium, environmentally-conscious sunscreen providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection for all skin types and pigments in the form of a universal tint mineral gel.

Not watered down, Sonrei provides concentrated, water resistant sun protection via a proprietary organogel with three powerful antioxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid.

Sonrei’s gentle, spreadable gel melts into the skin and leaves a velvety matte finish.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, genders, and skin colors, Clearly Zinq Tinted rubs in clear, stays where it is applied and won’t run.

Size: 3.4 oz (96 g)


☑ Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

☑ Water Resistant (80 Minutes)

☑ Safe for Face & Body Use

☑ Vegan Friendly

☑ Gluten Free & Non-GMO

☑ Reef Friendly

☑ Against Animal Cruelty

☑ Skin Type Agnostic

☑ Non-Irritating & Non-Comedogenic

☑ Fragrance Free & Alcohol Free

☑ Paraben & PABA Free

☑ Non-Greasy & Goes on Clear

☑ TSA Friendly

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